Tulip Wedding

If you choose our Tulip Wedding Package, you will have our Kate as your wedding photographer. Although she is our newest addition, joining our team in the summer of 2011, Kate had been shooting weddings on her own since 2002.

Kate says:

My wedding photography career started when I was still in college, and had been shooting film already for about 7 years. I interned with one of the most prestigious wedding photographers in Boston, and little did we know that when digital photography came around, how much it would change the field for wedding photographers in every way imaginable.

From that internship, I stayed on for another 2 years with this photographer. I learned about the importance of arriving early to a venue, getting all the right moments at a wedding, and communication with the bride and groom to make sure we took all the groupings they needed us to capture before our time was up. I also learned how to “fluff” a gown so it spread out just right around the bride’s feet, and bustling tips, among many other things.

Since then, I have worked in a handful of jobs that deal with various aspects of photography- from photographing college seniors under natural light in beautiful surroundings, to high paced environments photographing 40 families a day with studio equipment, and lastly photographing many weddings on my own.

I love weddings. I love the details. When I got engaged on Valentine’s Day back in 2008, and finally married in September of 2009, I had no idea how much easier it would make my job of photographing weddings. I planned my own wedding, and it ultimately made me understand and appreciate why certain shots can be so important. When a bride has to make many, or all, of the decisions in the decor / clothing / transportation / venue / cake, etc. herself, suddenly it means so much more, and needs to be documented. Things like the place-settings and floral arrangements, down to the shoes (I am such a shoe fanatic!) and cufflinks, are all things that won’t be missed by my lens. But it is that one moment when the bride comes down the aisle, and all eyes are on her, and both the groom and the bride’s faces light up upon seeing each other that I try to capture. That was one of my favorite moments of my own wedding.

I also really enjoy getting outrageous shots, be it candid or set up, where I strive to give you something fun and different. I’m not too good to lay on the ground to get a cool angle or too proud to make myself look stupid to get the best reaction from your family. I just like to have fun and help you enjoy your day stress-free.

The Tulip Wedding includes:

A complimentary engagement session and a matted 11×14 print to display at the wedding
up to 5 hours of wedding day photography by Kate Livingston
at least 200 high resolution images- ready to print
an online web gallery for friends and family to enjoy
$400. credit towards enlargements of your choice



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