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The class with Kyle was great. I’m really excited to get off  ”auto.”

We believe in sharing our gifts with the world.

Please browse our classes and workshops to see if there is one that’s just right for you!

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We are booking private individual (yes, just you!) classes at this time, so give a call and let’s find the best time!

With a private lesson we can work with you….laser focused to blast through your current level to get you where you would like to be!


She is a great teacher, and the class I took is what I’ve really been needing.

I’m so thankful to gain insight from one of the best!!


How To Get Your Camera Out of the Bag & Into your Life!

two hour live lesson

  • Easy tips to get you shooting
  • Get comfy with all those buttons
  • Get off ‘automatic’
  • Inspiring ideas to keep you going every day!
  • Composition & lighting
  • Understanding lenses
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How To Take Your Own Product Photos

two hour live lesson

  • Setting Up An Easy Studio
  • Save Big…Look Professional
  • Lights VS. Natural Light?
  • The Camera Stuff You Need (and what you DON’T need!)
  • Showing Texture and Detail
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How To FIX Your Own Photographs

two hour live lesson

  • Choosing the Right Software
  • The 3 Tools You NEED
  • How To Pick The Best Image
  • Brightness, Color & Contrast
  • How To Size & Save Photos
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How To Upload, Download and Share Your Digital Photos

two hour live lesson

  • Sizing & Saving Images
  • Sending Photos in Emails
  • Uploading Images to Social Media Sites
  • Downloading Photos Into Your Computer (and being able to find them again!)
  • Organizing Folders & Files
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Although I was given tons of homework, I definitely recommend this class

and look forward to learning more from you in the future!



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