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Kyle Zimmerman

Kyle Zimmerman

I am looking for 7 photographers willing to commit to a yearly lease, to share space and time in a spacious and well equipped studio.

I am also planning to offer affordable memberships to the community, enabling photographers to use and benefit from just the right amount of space and services. Studio Studio

This amazing space is large enough for at least 2 or 3 shoots to take place simultaneously, as well as having office workstations for seven to ten, a separate sales space, storage areas and other amenities.


It’s time for a change.

I have a bold new idea. I’m opening a new studio and you are invited to come share it with me.

I decided to restructure my business, letting go of  life as I know it. And when I did, what happened was magic.
My bold idea sprung to life with the availability of a studio space large enough to hold my dream.

I have a vision.

For a long time I have been helping other people grow more satisfying lives and businesses, using their brightest gifts to reach their widest audience and to make the largest impact possible. Among my clients and friends I’m known for helping others connect with their deepest self worth, beauty and value.

Kyle has given me a lot to think about. With a simple question, a simple thought, in a simple sentence, she helps me look at my life and who I am differently. She gets human nature. She pays attention. She wants to help. She is honest, open, and trustworthy.  She sees the best in people and she brings it out. I think that is why her photos, of people in particular, are so brilliant. She brings out the light in every single person. And you want to shine for her.

– Lori


A community of photographers, from promising new talent to seasoned pros, exchanging services and knowledge and growing together.
We stop competing, start connecting and create a healthy dynamic in our community.
By supporting each other, we support ourselves.
We become known as a shining example of a new way to do business, and thrive in our challenging economy.

I learned everything about photography from mentors, a handful of workshops, lots of self study and by asking thousands of questions. (Thanks Martin!)
Ultimately, I’ve learned everything I know from those who came before me, and I want to pay that back.

What is PhotographersAlbuquerque?

A state of the art, mind blowing community of photographers who share resources, and support each other in kindness and safety. We will have a website that features and promotes our forward thinking photographers and how we work together.  I believe that when we lift each other up, stop thinking of each other as the competition and realize that we each have a unique expression and potential, we win.


Compete: strive to gain or win something by defeating or establishing superiority over others who are trying to do the same.

Connect: join together so as to provide access and communication.

Come shine your light with me.

In addition to the studio is the domain for the website and blog that will feature the members of our group,

including interviews, portfolios and articles about how each of us is unique (and available!) Our own personal websites will link from this site which strengthens our ranking.

I also am planning to incorporate a network of support and services for our mutual benefit, including:

Editing & Design Services We will source talented post processing artists.
Classes & Workshops Technical, Creative or Business taught by us for us.
Intern/Assisting Exchange Network, help other learn and receive assistance in your work.
Equipment Rental Professional camera and lighting, as available.
Studio Rental by the Hour  • for unbooked time-slots, to offset costs and keep everyone’s rates low.
‘Scale Your Light’ Program • 
my newest enterprise is an Interactive Educational Program for learning how to shine your brightest light and have the life and work of your dreams and will include modules on Scalability, Social Media Marketing, Website Development, and more. Available to our group at no charge or reduced rates.
Website Development and
Social Media Management • If you need additional help with developing your online presence these are services my business can provide. Special rates available to members.

Whether you are an old pro, up and coming or a dedicated student of photography; from moms with a camera to busy freelancers, our community may be right for you.

If you are interested, email me at Studio Studio Studio

The all inclusive monthly fee is $695

time / shared shooting areas
cloud based scheduling
individual permanent workstation (computer not included)
sales / meeting  room
prop/ equipment storage areas
bulletin board/ online resource sharing forum
general house and groundskeeping



The Space Details:
Square Footage:
Ground floor is 5,000 square feet.
Loft/mezzanine is an additional 1,350 square feet – which includes a darkroom, kitchen, make-up area,
prop room and lounge area.

Cyc wall: 80-foot cove style wall with 5-foot radius.
Electrical: 400 amp 3-phase electrical. Twelve dedicated 20-amp studio circuits, including four ceiling “pull-downs” in studio.
Daylight: Three 5’ high x 10’ long windows that face east in shooting area and 250 square feet of clerestory windows facing south. Mechanical shutters make the studio dark when necessary.
Ceiling Height: Shooting area has 3 steel trusses crossing a 17’ high flat ceiling, aerial suspension of large weights is easy.
Freight Access and Entry: Ground floor with two 12-foot roll-up garage doors.
Kitchen Areas: Two downstairs, one upstairs. Stove top and microwave.
Restrooms: Three total. Two downstairs, one upstairs with shower.
Deck / Roof: Rooftop accessible via roof hatch with built-in ladder.
Internet: Internet service. 13 locations wired for phone & data.
Other Amenities:
Enclosed parking. Security system w/surveillance. . Make-up area and hair-washing sink. Epoxy floor.  14 foot A-frame ladder dollies & rolling carts.  Good sound system. House lights on radio control. Limited shop & tools. 4 blocks from restaurants and other amenities.

Is this right for you?

Those are the technical things about this space but for me it represents a place where a group of photographers can share resources, skills and support and increase visibility of the entire group.

If this sounds like something you want to know more about email me at


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