My name is Autumn Dimas- Photography Intern for Kyle Zimmerman

Kyle Zimmerman Photography Intern Autumn Dimas by Juanita

Kyle Zimmerman Photography Intern Autumn Dimas by Juanita

From Autumn:

I am currently a photography student at the Southwest University of Visual Arts. My love for photography started when I was nine years old. My mother had lost her battle with cancer and I had to go live with my father. The only thing I had to remind me of my mother was the photographs my father had.  These photographs became so precious to me and I still cherish them.  When I am shooting a person I want to capture their true self. I want their families to be able to look at these photographs and cherish them just as I do with the photographs of my mother.
I had first met Kyle Zimmerman at Eldorado High school for career day in 2003. I listened to her story and I was so inspired! The next time I saw Kyle, was at an artist talk at my college this past summer. I had enough courage to go up and talk to her. I told her how my first encounter with her still continued to inspire my love of photography and she let me intern with her. Kyle has such an amazing ability to make her subjects project their inner personalities. Her sessions are like a form of healing. I have learned so much from Kyle, Max and Katie and I am so thankful for this awesome opportunity!

From Kyle:

I am probably one of the luckiest business owners I know. For some wonderful reason, creative, inspiring, fun people want to learn more about photography…go figure. I have had the chance many times to mentor and be supported by them in return.

As a small business in the arts riding the economic rollercoaster, interns are integral to our survival. Thank you, Autumn. YOU are amazing…and talented! Thank you for your service and shiny eyes.

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