Military Homecoming Love Surprise

Our Kate’s husband is stationed in San Angelo, Texas and has been gone for quite a few months now. We  keep her busy 😉 during the day but I know she gets a little lonely in the evenings…

He contacted me privately the other day and said he had the opportunity to come to town for the Veteran’s Day weekend, which means a long drive here, about a 40 hour visit and a long drive back…ah, young love!

So a surprise was planned to blow Kate away!

He said he would arrive in town in the morning, “What time does she get to work?” we were texting furiously.

“About 9ish.” My fingers quick.

I switched to Kate, texting “Kate, I wanna photograph you today, so cute it up. I have a holiday card idea for the studio!”

“K;)” she wrote back. “What color should I wear?”

“Something kinda military, kinda sexy!” I answered.

“Got it!” she answered, “”See you soon!”

Switching back to her honey, my fingers fast, “All good, come at 11:30 and just text me when you are in the parking lot, then you will just come straight into the studio.”

When I got to the studio I shared the secret with our interns and Max and we all got giggly and antsy as we waited.

At 11:20, I said “OK Max and Kate let’s shoot…come on!”

Max threw on an electric green tank top which is just a random fact, cause I told him at the last minute to bring something green so I could pretend to be shooting them for some holiday concept. So there we were, Kate and Max and I being silly, shooting hundreds of photos while I’m really just waiting for the text from the parking lot.

She’s jumping and posing, the text comes, and the door opens…

The rest of the story is in the photos!


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