Meet Juanita Sanchez- Photography Intern and Fine Art Student

From Juanita:

Hi! I’m Juanita Sanchez! I am currently studying Photography and Fine Arts at the Southwest University of Visual Arts. Photography is what I do pretty much all the time! In my spare time I doodle and paint and sit on my couch and play video games. I try to integrate my hobbies in my work whether it is a mixed media piece, turning images into drawings, or getting to work with a lovely group of gals who share my same interests on video game, anime, and comic book themed shoots. I am what you call an all-around super nerd, and like to share every part of my nerdiness with as many folks as possible. This summer I was presented with the opportunity to intern for Kyle. This was something I just couldn’t pass up. I met with Kyle, showed her my work, and now I get to observe, help, and learn from her and her staff every week. Being in this environment has taught me to relax and not take photography too seriously. I’ve also learned that just going with the flow and not trying to control every situation leads to some pretty fantastic work and experiences for everyone; in front of and behind the camera. It is also nice to be behind the scenes and see how the business side of studios work as well. I also enjoy sharing these intern shenanigans with two other interns. It helps with the learning experience to bounce ideas off each other, work together, and help each other. Oh! And laughing, that’s one thing I love to do, and I’m glad my fellow interns have an appreciation for humor just as I do! In the few months I have been here my brain has absorbed a ton of stuff that has been and will continue to be very helpful in the future. I hope to use this experience to make my work stronger as well as to make myself and connections with everything I shoot stronger. I am at a point where I want to experience all parts of photography even if I may go a different way with my work. It’s tough because my love for the various types of photography grows stronger and deeper everyday. One day I want to be a fine art photographer, the next I want to be a fashion photographer, then the next day I want to be a commercial photographer and so on and blah… blah blah…I just may have to do it all, and I think I just might do that!


From Kyle:

This young woman has a sensitivity for her life that is seen in her art and the attentive way she carries herself. Our studio is a better place for her gift and I know that Juanita will become fully articulated as a profound voice in the arts, whichever road she takes. I love intersecting with these young people at this time in their lives, seeing all the possibilities that are there for them to choose from. The one thing all my interns have in common is a willingness to jump feet first into life. I sure know how to pick ’em!



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