Kyle Zimmerman Photography Gallery- Portfolio Submission Application and Guidelines

Welcome to all photographic artists.

Let us share your vision with our community.

Kyle Zimmerman Photography is a commercial and portrait photo studio and fine art gallery located in the historic Old Town arts district of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

We have proudly provided life affirming imagery of and for our community for 13 years now. We have made it our mission to spread the news that


We realize that we have a platform,

a little place in this world that people see as a light on creativity, and we want to make sure you know that we believe WE ARE ALL CREATIVE.

We are open to sharing new work in all photographic based media, subjects, styles, and schools.

Kyle Zimmerman Photography invites established and emerging photographers

to submit projects/portfolios to be considered for our monthly exhibit.

Work submitted should be personal fine-art projects or portfolios of the highest quality, that use photographic methods and techniques either exclusively or in conjunction with other artistic processes.

Out of respect to our clients and community, the work chosen for exhibit must reflect our mission statement:

“It is our mission to create fresh and enduring proof that all of our lives are art.  Whether we are sharing the small moments or the milestones of your life, it is in capturing the laughter, love and courage that the true spirit of humanity is revealed.
It is our honor to reflect to our community the beauty we see in you.”

•Photographers are requested to submit a portfolio of five images. A selection of images or unrelated greatest shots are strongly discouraged — if you have several projects that you would like to submit,
please separate the work into multiple portfolios.
• The artist/ photographer will be responsible to supply artwork framed and ready for presentation.
• Work submitted to Kyle Zimmerman Photography is reviewed by our gallery staff.
• Please note: we do not provide feedback or critiques.

To receive submission guidelines, rules and requirements,
email us and give us all your contact info.

Selected photographers will receive:

1.  An opening reception
2.  A one-month exhibition at KZP Fine Art Gallery
3. 60% of sales of your art
4. A featured page/post on

Thank you, we look forward to seeing your work.

Portfolio Submission Application

  • You may submit a jpg or gif file. Make your color/tonal corrections. Your digital file should match your prints as closely as possible. Your files must be 72 DPI and no longer than 10 inches on the longest side



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