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Some of my favorite assignments are the times I get to create one-of-a-kind fine art for hotels and restaurants.

I was thrilled to be able to create a collection of five large photographs for a new restaurant in the

Hilton Hotel, Etrusca in New York City.

My client, an interior designer specializing in hotel renovations called one day and asked, “Do you have any European street scenes, kind of distressed, kind of quiet…?”

“Yes, I do!”

assignment: distressed • street scene • european • quiet urban

This photo was taken in Paris as I sat drinking coffee before visiting Cimetière Montparnasse

I saw this young woman with her charming bicycle and grabbed the shot.












This shot happened as I floated down the River in one of those tourist boats. It really had an element of old and new, the young man on his cell phone…the ancient wall.














My friend Sarah, from Louisiana has the warmest home, the most interesting collection of objects and art. One day, I just spent a few hours photographing the beauty of her life. Thank you Sarah!











Cynthia and I were in Paris, walking down towards The Arc de Triomphe, located on Paris’s Axe historique.

It was a long luxurious day and then the rain. Lovely.

Later back at her apartment, the breeze blew through the curtains on a perfect Tuesday afternoon.


Carmel Valley Lodge

Ritz Carlton- Pentagon City

Albuquerque Community Foundation

I love challenges. If you need affordable, custom photography and art for your offices, hotel or restaurant, let’s talk about it. My process is really organic.

I’ll ask you questions about the “feeling” you want, the color schemes, the audience and the energy levels you want to enhance. Then we’ll talk scale and budget and I will either share work I have on hand or create something just for your project.

Many designers have told me that working with me in this way is more cost effective for their clients and a perfect solution for those who want something unique.

please email me or call 505-232-6986 to explore how we can work together!

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