Historic Day for Gay Marriage in Albuquerque, NM

New Mexico Gay Marriage: Bernalillo County Begins Issuing Licenses.

On Tuesday we went downtown to spend the morning with our local LGBTIQ+ community as they gathered and started applying for marriage licenses, on this, the very first day it was legal to do so in our county. There were couples there that have been together over 40 years. They were overcome with joy at finally being able to make their union legal. Ministers, Rabbis, Priests, and all sorts of ordained marriage makers were milling about, at the ready to marry anyone who asked. We were capturing the story and making wedding memory photos in a buzzing blur of happy energy.

At noon, there was a group ceremony of gay marriage with hundreds of people in the Civic Plaza,

There were flowers and wishes and vows and clapping, bubbles, kisses and warm warm hugs. There wasn’t a dry eye on the plaza.


If you were there and would like to see our complete selection of images, or were married that day, and we photographed you, please email us here or call the studio at 505-232-6986, we would like to give you a gift of your photos!

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Kyle Zimmerman photographs first legal gay marriage in NM. www.kylezimmermanphotography.com #samelove #gayrights #gaymarriagenm #gaymarriage


The place was crawling with news people!




NMGay03 NMGay04

Maggie Oliver was PROUD!

Kyle Zimmerman photographs first legal gay marriage in NM. www.kylezimmermanphotography.com #samelove #gayrights #gaymarriagenm #gaymarriage NMGay06 Gay Marriage NM

NMGay08 NMGay09 NMGay10 Gay Marriage NM

Best 25 bucks ever spent!

NMGay12 NMGay13 NMGay14 Gay Marriage NM

NMGay16 NMGay17 NMGay18 Gay Marriage NM

40 years.


Best time waiting EVER!



When couples emerged the whole room cheered!

NMGay22 Gay Marriage NM

NMGay24 NMGay25 NMGay26 Gay Marriage NM

Gay Marriage NM

NMGay29 NMGay30

NMGay32 Gay Marriage NM NMGay34

Gay Marriage NM NMGay35

NMGay36 NMGay37

NMGay39 NMGay40 NMGay41 Gay Marriage NM

NMGay43 NMGay44 NMGay45 Gay Marriage NM

NMGay48 NMGay49 NMGay50 Gay Marriage NM

 Congratulations everyone!

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  1. Maria Bautista

    the photos you have taken captured the elated feeling of everyone – supporters, couples, children, flowers, your photos are really nice.

  2. Thank you for posting these! The joy just pours out of the pictures. I don’t know when we’ve seen so many people so happy.

  3. Such beautiful images Kyle!!!! Thank-you for capturing such an incredible day in the lives of so many of us. I look forward to meeting you at Kelly and Amber’s wedding in September.

  4. rachel

    These are beautiful. You can just feel the exuberance and joy flowing out of the photos. It is wonderful to see such big smiles.It’s infectious.

  5. Martha Trolin

    Just beautiful, thank you. I wonder if Archbishop Sheehan could actually look at these photos and say these people are sinners?

  6. Chanda Shaw

    Thank you so much for celebrating with all of us on this truly Historical Day in New Mexico!!
    Each of your photos expresses the true joy that we all felt and continue to feel!!

  7. Stephanie

    I was there August 27, 2013 marrying my wife of 10 years and I would like to see all the photos from that awesome day!!!

  8. Rachel

    So happy for all these beautiful couples!

  9. Dair Obenshain

    Thank you for doing this for our community!

  10. Sue Joiner

    Dear Kyle,
    We loved you when we met you and we love you more as we look at these beautiful photos. We are bummed that you weren’t with us when we married in CA on July 4th, but we are so excited to do our family pictures with you in two weeks. Thank you for your amazing support of the lgbt community!
    Sue (and Anne Marie)

  11. Loretta Stein

    Thank you, Kyle for publishing these beautiful pictures of this joyous day! Kate photographed my nephew, Erik’s wedding in May and did a wonderful job!

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