Kyle Zimmerman Photographs Actors, Models and Singers!

Kyle started her photography career shooting images for musicians, models and actors. The journey took her to Europe for years where her skills developed by becoming a sought after fashion photographer creating images for dozens of magazines from Greece to Italy, Spain and the Netherlands.

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“I really learned so much more than the basic photography skills form these experiences, I learned how to work in a quick paced, large production that was costing buckets of money and couldn’t be ‘re-done’…it all rested on me. I learned how to work in a team, (after choosing that team wisely!) and get the job done right the first time without losing my cool. After all that, commercial work, weddings, events…they feel like my natural state!” -Kyle

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Albuquerque Talent Photographer


Albuquerque Talent Headshot Photographer


Albuquerque Talent Headshot Photographer















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