Finding the Deeper Beauty

When I lived in Greece I spent almost all of my time building my fashion portfolio and career. I worked hard, photographing almost every model I could, my goal to show them more beautiful than the next photographer. I was competitive. We all were. I learned that one of my strengths was to be able to look deeply into these beautiful creatures and find something more. I looked for the spirit, the depth, the inner beauty.

I worked with an amazing team of creative souls, curated by Thanos Kyriakides, now a well loved designer, then a fashion stylist working with a variety of magazines and clients. It was with him that the concepts and creativity would bloom. We depended on Eva Dimoveli for her INCREDIBLE make-up artistry… she also became my soul sister and friend.  Trifonas Samaris, the most out-of-the-box hair stylist EVER… would come up with ideas that blew us away and together we would all work together to make images that, at the time were examples of forward thinking fashion.


Beautiful woman stands on a road with an orange sky

Fashion photo by Kyle Zimmerman for Cosmopolitan Magazine- Greece 1992


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