Business First Women Of Influence

I am deeply honored to be included as a Women of Influence 2014 honoree.

Most everyone knows me as a photographer and looking through that lens has given me the chance to express and give my gift

I love being able to see the beauty in you. Giving that to you.


Over the years, while getting to know thousands of people I have developed the eye that sees light everywhere and sees the beauty, the light, in everyone.

And that has brought me to my calling:

Scale Your Light.


When I went to be videotaped by Cliffdweller Digital for the Woman of Influence award presentation, I was asked:

“What would you tell your 14 year old self ?”

“Listen young lady, here’s the deal…” I said,  “we only have one thing to do in this life and that’s to find the thing that makes us shiny, that really lights us up and once we identify it, we better make sure that that thing leads our work and our lives. We better shine that light as big and as bright and as far and as wide as we can in this short life. Cause we owe it to the rest of the world and we owe it to ourselves.”

It’s time for a fresh dialogue about how we are perfect BECAUSE of our imperfections,

how we are best able to make the change we want to see in the world by bringing our whole selves to the table. I want to be a part of a generation of women that lead with their hearts and intuition.

Scale Your Light is about holding space for this new conversation.  Let’s talk about it. Coffee? Lunch?  Email me.


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