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Awakening to Awareness Radio Show

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Eric Tonningsen

Eric Tonningsen- Awakening to Awareness Radio

I am being interviewed today on the radio show, Awakening to Awareness,

created as a resource by my friend and client, Eric Tonningsen for Baby Boomers, this show dismisses the myths about what recent or soon-to-be retirees ought to do with their lives. It focuses on self-belief and possibilities for ‘emerging’ seniors who look forward to life’s Third Act – with dread or amazing promise!
Guests and interviews provide insights that factor into planning for, making choices about, and activating new or mothballed dreams. Elements of “VISTAS,” a simple and powerful roadmap (grounded in six principles) will be referenced for individuals who want to work to know who he or she really is and how they want their coming decades to unfold.
Being re-inspired and free to make changes is a right, regardless of age. Boomers often possess the wherewithal to construct more meaningful lives, even if they don’t know where or how to start. This show encourages and challenges listeners to explore and discover ‘you,’ and to act on your unique potential. With greater clarity, you’ll find ways to love what you choose to do. You’ll awaken to shifts you can make to live a life of even greater significance.

Your host, Eric Tonningsen is a boomer. With 25+ years of climbing corporate ladders, he’s had life experiences similar to yours. In 2006 he switched gears, became an entrepreneur, and launched JourneyWorks Coaching, LLC. His goal is to help ‘chronologically gifted’ people (yes, boomers) realize that they need not quietly drift off to life’s sidelines, as society often whispers. A collaborative and unconditional ally, Eric is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) as awarded by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and a prolific blogger.

Eric speaks, writes, coaches, and mentors about self-belief, choice, and significance – living his core values, sharing wisdom, and inspiring others as they unlock and act on their true potential.


I will be sharing my ideas about scalability and self love and lots more. The show airs live at 6pm mountain time and will be available as a podcast later…

Awakening to Awareness Radio Show with Eric Tonningsen.

New Monthly Special!

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Mother’s Day is May 11!

Spring is here and everything’s new…


For the Mamas-To-Be, a set of “Before” & “After” sessions-

to document the final stage of your pregnancy,

and then to welcome the new addition to your family!

The goods:

2 photo sessions (for 2-4 people) in studio (value $290)

6 retouched digital files -3 from each session (value $490)

25  custom baby announcements designed by Kyle and YOU! (value $94)

For just $595! (savings of $279!)


Albuquerque Maternity Photography

Albuquerque Maternity Photography

Albuquerque Maternity Photography

Albuquerque Maternity Photography

Albuquerque Maternity Photography

Albuquerque Maternity Photography

Business First Women Of Influence

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I am deeply honored to be included as a Women of Influence 2014 honoree.

Most everyone knows me as a photographer and looking through that lens has given me the chance to express and give my gift

I love being able to see the beauty in you. Giving that to you.


Over the years, while getting to know thousands of people I have developed the eye that sees light everywhere and sees the beauty, the light, in everyone.

And that has brought me to my calling:

Scale Your Light.


When I went to be videotaped by Cliffdweller Digital for the Woman of Influence award presentation, I was asked:

“What would you tell your 14 year old self ?”

“Listen young lady, here’s the deal…” I said,  “we only have one thing to do in this life and that’s to find the thing that makes us shiny, that really lights us up and once we identify it, we better make sure that that thing leads our work and our lives. We better shine that light as big and as bright and as far and as wide as we can in this short life. Cause we owe it to the rest of the world and we owe it to ourselves.”

It’s time for a fresh dialogue about how we are perfect BECAUSE of our imperfections,

how we are best able to make the change we want to see in the world by bringing our whole selves to the table. I want to be a part of a generation of women that lead with their hearts and intuition.

Scale Your Light is about holding space for this new conversation.  Let’s talk about it. Coffee? Lunch?  Email me.


Kyle Zimmerman is a Woman of Influence!

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Kyle has been nominated for a prestigious award…The Business First Press announcement follows:



Albuquerque Business First’s 10th annual Women of Influence event will bring together some of the most powerful and innovative women in New Mexico.

These women come from diverse fields, and their journeys show that they are experts in the art of transforming challenges into opportunities.

Our judges selected 30 honorees across six industry categories. The winner of each category will be revealed at an elegant awards dinner at Sandia Casino on March 6.

View the accompanying slideshow to see our Women of Influence honorees for 2014.

This year we received more than 450 nominations, a record. We asked the public to nominate the women they consider to be the mentors, innovators, leaders and role models in the Albuquerque community, and nominees were asked to submit an application with information about themselves for our judging process. Judges evaluated the applicants on their professional achievement, leadership and community involvement.

Albuquerque Business First would like to thank our dedicated and fearless judges, who reviewed hundreds of pages of applications and made their selections in a thorough and thoughtful discussion process. Our 2014 judges were H. Patrick Dee, US Bank; Natasha Martell Jackson, Intel Corp.; Marti Partridge, Colliers International; and Kim Sanchez Rael, startup entrepreneur, venture capitalist and investor. Judges recused themselves from voting on any applicant with which they had close ties.


from Kyle: I am deeply honored and quite amazed to be included in such an esteemed group of women. There will be an awards dinner on March 6th, and I really look forward to meeting everyone there!

Thank you to everyone involved.

Kyle Zimmerman Photographs JeeZ LaWeeZ For Their Newest Album Cover

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I first met Katie Gill through my friends Augé and Lola Hays as the wild woman of the Buckarettes, an all girl band that my buddy Augé  just happened to play steel pedal with…

Katie and I kept crossing paths when I bumped into her again at the home of Sandy Green, an Albuquerque Gem of a woman who makes her home and heart a safe place for the elders in our community. Katie would often bring her other band, this one, Jeez LaWeez, into the house to sing to the oldsters, bringing light and love and music into their days. Eventually my dad and  her dad ended up living in Sandy’s home and we would joke that now we were sisters! Both our dad’s are gone now but our sisterhood lives on!
When Jeez LaWeez called and said that a new CD was being born, I begged to make the images of these 3 wild women.
I bet you have a wild side
Amy Blackburn: – Vocals, violin, mandolin, viola, percussion and of course, kazoo
Nancy Harvin: – Vocals, bass, spoons, harmonica, uke–and kazoo, too!
Katie Gill: – Vocals, guitar, ukulele, banjo and kazoo


Albuquerque Talent Photographer

Albuquerque Talent Photographer

Albuquerque Talent Photographer

Albuquerque Talent Photographer

Albuquerque Talent Photographer



“Remembering Who We Are” – Latest Works by Kyle Zimmerman

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My new exhibition explores archetypes of femininity

at Mariposa Gallery
3500 Central Ave SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

December 6, 2013-January 2, 2014.

The exhibition, titled “remembering who we are: redivining the feminine dream” features a photographic study of the sacred feminine. The opening meet-the-artist reception is scheduled from 5 to 8 p.m. Friday, December 6, 2013. I’ll also attend the annual Nob Hill Shop ‘n’ Stroll on Saturday, December 7, 2013.


In addition, the following day, Saturday, the 7th of December, I will be performing with a dear friend, Nell Weatherwax in

‘Redivining Each Other’
a spirited multi-media storytelling hour starring Kyle Zimmerman and Nell Weatherwax

Saturday, December 7,  3:30pm
Aux Dog Theater
3011 Monte Vista Blvd NE,
Albuquerque, NM 87106
Tickets : Donations at door
(a portion of the proceeds to benefit a local women’s needs organization)


Springing from our desire to encourage the divine,
to lift, hold and carry one another,
‘Redivining Each Other’ calls us to shine our brightest lights.

Images not shown in the concurrent exhibit
accompanied by true stories told live by two women held by each other through the years.

Remembering Who We Are- Redivining the Feminine Dream-


I have been working on this collection of work for a year now. It began with my icons, I called them the Goddesses and then the Arcana. I gathered a group of women in one place and with a ferocious intensity, the group of mere mortals came into their power.

My parameters were simple. Women and nature. The elements. The forces of the feminine that are not always qualified as female. Like intellect, creation, wisdom…

The Elements

EARTH: The strong poses came first, these first images were very determined ideas,  my desire to celebrate the ways the feminine is one with nature, and to explore the ways we define femininity. Born out of a desire for collaboration and spontineity,  I spent time afterward sharing them with people and found that they acted as a mirror …

AIR:  I believe that my artistic strength and the qualities I value in myself are non-perfectionism and my trust in the magic of random actions.then months of inner work on my part, rolling around the need to communicate the vitality, the movement the ways that these qualities manifest in our everyday lives.

FIRE:  The silks were shot in a spirit of magical alchemy. Double and triple exposures in camera with minimal post processing of the figures.

WATER: This narrative is emotionally charged and wrestled out of my unconscious with love and and attempt to heal.

I am honored to work with incredible artists.

I could not have made this collection without the help of my friends, Christine Longthorp, a local floral artist and the makeup team of Rebekah Wiggins, to Cynthia Sousa- Sparks for holding space, the assistance and inspiration of my teammate, Max Woltman and the gentle support of Kate Livingston. My husband, Shane Harley for the days and months of holding me, inspiring and encouraging me while I birthed this project. And for Pat and Barbara Carr, whose printing mastery and wisdom kept me grounded. And of course, the goddesses, the women who leapt and spun and gave everything for the spirit of all of us. Thank you Goddesses.

Janet Woltman
Anna Woltman
Lava Buckley
Jessica Bell-Cast
Melissa Salazar
Ali Stout
Julie England Morris
Katie Mitchell
Nykia Allen

All my love.

Making Space, Remembering Who We Are

The press release for this show follows:

Albuquerque, N.M. Noted Albuquerque photographer Kyle Zimmerman’s new exhibition explores archetypes of femininity at Mariposa Gallery, December 6, 2013-January 2, 2014. The exhibition, titled “remembering who we are: redivining the feminine dream,” features a photographic study of the sacred feminine. The opening meet-the-artist reception is scheduled from 5 to 8 p.m. Friday, December 6, 2013. The artist will also attend the annual Nob Hill Shop ‘n’ Stroll on Saturday, December 7, 2013.

“In my work, I am paid to make beautiful photographs of people,” says Zimmerman. “Many of my subjects, mostly women, do not feel this way. One of my gifts is to help people connect with their true, authentic selves. In effect, I’m reminding them of what is already there; we are perfect in our imperfection, beautiful an enough, just the way we are. The story I’m telling here is one of our connection to nature and the range of the divine feminine in all of us.”

These images of female nudes joined with the elements–air, earth, fire, water–are printed on paper, wood, glass and silk and accompanied by a QR code-accessed multi-media presentation. The series represents the connection all people have with the divine feminine.

The show is grounded by the “icons.” These images were made to remind us of our saints, our goddesses, our mothers. These images are an intentional portrayal of the ways the feminine rules. Over a year, Zimmerman photographed the women again, using in-camera multiple exposures and random techniques as a way of celebrating the range of our strengths and struggles.

Zimmerman used her empathic ability to elicit and capture unsuppressed expressions of the inner strengths and vulnerabilities at the core of the feminine.

“I want the viewer to experience how there is more than one way of seeing ourselves. I’ll feel that I’ve succeeded if the work gets people talking. I offer these stories to act as a reminder, a totem, a talisman of the beauty that lives within us all,” she says.

Mariposa Gallery is located at 3500 Central Avenue SE (southwest corner of Central and Amherst SE). The exhibition opens on Friday, December 6, from 5 – 8 pm with an additional artist reception as part of the annual Nob Hill Shop ‘n’ Stroll event, the next day, Saturday, December 7 from 5 – 8 p.m. The exhibition continues through January 2, 2014.

For more information about the exhibition, Kyle Zimmerman Photography, and its services, call 505-232-6986 or visit Photos attached, and available at this link:…ho-we-are-show/

Remembering Who We Are

And here is the wonderful article about the show written by Chloe Winegar-Garrett featured in the Local IQ:

Honest Beauty

Black Friday Sales Happening at Kyle Zimmerman Photography!

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We are beyond grateful for our families, our friends and our clients!

As a thank you, this weekend we will be offering some amazing sales that we’ve never offered before!

Starting on Friday,

Black Friday Only Sale:

Book ANY photography session by phone* on Friday, and receive 40% off everything pertaining to the new session! That means 40% off your photo session, and 40% off any prints or products that you buy! This includes all types of sessions, even WEDDINGS!**


*Because we are booked up with sessions on Friday and may not be able to get to all the calls, leave a message with your name, number, the date you would like to have your session and the number of people, and you will qualify for the sale. We will call you to confirm at our earliest convenience and collect payment for your session at that time. Payment must be given at time of booking in order to reserve your session date and time.

**Weddings- The photography can be booked even if you don’t have the date and venue. Payment in full is required at time of booking for the sale. To qualify for the sale, you must call on Black Friday, leave a message if we don’t answer with your names and the date of your wedding (if you have it) and your phone number so we can reach you; wedding photography must be booked no later than December 5th, 2013.

Black Friday Sale 2013

and then on Saturday…

Small Business Saturday-only Special!

If you are a small business owner, we will give you 40% off everything you buy!! You must call us on Saturday to qualify.* 505.232.6986

*Because we are very booked with sessions on Saturday and may not be able to get to all the calls, leave a message with your name, number, the date you would like to have your session and the number of people, and you will qualify for the sale. We will call you to confirm at our earliest convenience and collect payment for your session at that time. Payment must be given at time of booking in order to reserve your session date and time.

Small Business Saturday

and finally on Monday (yes we are closed, but we are still having a SALE!)

Cyber-Monday Sale:

Old digital files from past photo sessions are 40% off!

(digital files will be high resolution with a copyright release)

Here’s how it works:

If your shoot & ordering was within the past 6 months, then all of your digital files are $895 minus 40% = $537* 

But if your shoot & ordering took place over 6 months ago, then your files start at $395 minus 40% = $237**

Call to find out if we still have your digital files because we only guarantee them for one month after the ordering. To qualify for the Cyber Monday sale, you must leave us a voicemail on MONDAY, Dec. 2nd and tell us when the shoot was (approximately) and leave your name and phone number. We will get back to you on Tuesday and let you know if we still have your old photos. We require payment upon ordering.

*If your shoot was in the last 6 months, we will retouch/optimize 10 of the photos, and the rest will be unretouched digital negatives.

**If your shoot and ordering was over 6 months ago, the digital files you purchase will be unretouched digital negatives. However, if we have some retouched versions of the photos (for example you had ordered prints in the past) that we can locate, we will put them on the disk.

Cyber Monday sale

November Monthly Special- Crazy Good Christmas Photography Special

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We are really feeling the giving spirit this year so this month only we are offering A CRAZY GOOD SPECIAL!

A studio Session (up to 4 persons) PLUS 25 FREE custom cards PLUS Three Digital Files from your shoot!

You must have your session AND ordering during November to qualify. YOU MUST MENTION : CRAZY GOOD SPECIAL when booking to qualify. Sessions are limited. This offer may be gone once we have filled all special sessions.

Please call ASAP to book!


Albuquerque Holiday Cards Photography

Albuquerque Holiday Cards Photography

Albuquerque Holiday Cards Photography

Albuquerque Holiday Cards Photography

Albuquerque Holiday Cards Photography

Albuquerque Holiday Cards Photography

Albuquerque Holiday Cards Photography

Albuquerque Holiday Cards Photography

Albuquerque Holiday Cards Photography

Albuquerque Holiday Cards Photography

Albuquerque Holiday Cards Photography

Historic Day for Gay Marriage in Albuquerque, NM

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New Mexico Gay Marriage: Bernalillo County Begins Issuing Licenses.

On Tuesday we went downtown to spend the morning with our local LGBTIQ+ community as they gathered and started applying for marriage licenses, on this, the very first day it was legal to do so in our county. There were couples there that have been together over 40 years. They were overcome with joy at finally being able to make their union legal. Ministers, Rabbis, Priests, and all sorts of ordained marriage makers were milling about, at the ready to marry anyone who asked. We were capturing the story and making wedding memory photos in a buzzing blur of happy energy.

At noon, there was a group ceremony of gay marriage with hundreds of people in the Civic Plaza,

There were flowers and wishes and vows and clapping, bubbles, kisses and warm warm hugs. There wasn’t a dry eye on the plaza.


If you were there and would like to see our complete selection of images, or were married that day, and we photographed you, please email us here or call the studio at 505-232-6986, we would like to give you a gift of your photos!

Click Here to LIKE and Follow our LGBT Facebook Page!

Kyle Zimmerman photographs first legal gay marriage in NM. #samelove #gayrights #gaymarriagenm #gaymarriage


The place was crawling with news people!




NMGay03 NMGay04

Maggie Oliver was PROUD!

Kyle Zimmerman photographs first legal gay marriage in NM. #samelove #gayrights #gaymarriagenm #gaymarriage NMGay06 Gay Marriage NM

NMGay08 NMGay09 NMGay10 Gay Marriage NM

Best 25 bucks ever spent!

NMGay12 NMGay13 NMGay14 Gay Marriage NM

NMGay16 NMGay17 NMGay18 Gay Marriage NM

40 years.


Best time waiting EVER!



When couples emerged the whole room cheered!

NMGay22 Gay Marriage NM

NMGay24 NMGay25 NMGay26 Gay Marriage NM

Gay Marriage NM

NMGay29 NMGay30

NMGay32 Gay Marriage NM NMGay34

Gay Marriage NM NMGay35

NMGay36 NMGay37

NMGay39 NMGay40 NMGay41 Gay Marriage NM

NMGay43 NMGay44 NMGay45 Gay Marriage NM

NMGay48 NMGay49 NMGay50 Gay Marriage NM

 Congratulations everyone!

It would mean the world to us if you would LIKE our LGBT Facebook Page and spread the message of equality. Thank you for your support!

Click Here to View ALL of the Photos!!

Julie Brinkley- Author and now Sexy, Vibrant Model of Motivation!

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When we were back on Central (as we say), Julie came to us for photos for her book, Comforting Soups Colorful Salads, at the time.

We loved our time together then and this week, Julie came back in to make images for her upcoming business that will help women connect with their inner sexiness and vibrancy! SHe brought dresses from the amazing store, Elsa Ross, in Nob Hill and we were FLOORED!

Thank you so much for making our day a little more snazzy!


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