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Eric Tonningsen

Eric Tonningsen- Awakening to Awareness Radio

I am being interviewed today on the radio show, Awakening to Awareness,

created as a resource by my friend and client, Eric Tonningsen for Baby Boomers, this show dismisses the myths about what recent or soon-to-be retirees ought to do with their lives. It focuses on self-belief and possibilities for ‘emerging’ seniors who look forward to life’s Third Act – with dread or amazing promise!
Guests and interviews provide insights that factor into planning for, making choices about, and activating new or mothballed dreams. Elements of “VISTAS,” a simple and powerful roadmap (grounded in six principles) will be referenced for individuals who want to work to know who he or she really is and how they want their coming decades to unfold.
Being re-inspired and free to make changes is a right, regardless of age. Boomers often possess the wherewithal to construct more meaningful lives, even if they don’t know where or how to start. This show encourages and challenges listeners to explore and discover ‘you,’ and to act on your unique potential. With greater clarity, you’ll find ways to love what you choose to do. You’ll awaken to shifts you can make to live a life of even greater significance.

Your host, Eric Tonningsen is a boomer. With 25+ years of climbing corporate ladders, he’s had life experiences similar to yours. In 2006 he switched gears, became an entrepreneur, and launched JourneyWorks Coaching, LLC. His goal is to help ‘chronologically gifted’ people (yes, boomers) realize that they need not quietly drift off to life’s sidelines, as society often whispers. A collaborative and unconditional ally, Eric is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) as awarded by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and a prolific blogger.

Eric speaks, writes, coaches, and mentors about self-belief, choice, and significance – living his core values, sharing wisdom, and inspiring others as they unlock and act on their true potential.


I will be sharing my ideas about scalability and self love and lots more. The show airs live at 6pm mountain time and will be available as a podcast later…

Awakening to Awareness Radio Show with Eric Tonningsen.

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