Albuquerque Community Foundation’s History Wall is the Best in Town!

Last year I was called on by Kelli Cooper at the Albuquerque Community Foundation to help them create a visual story in their new space about the history of philanthropy in Albuquerque.

Kyle Zimmerman History Wall Kyle Zimmerman History Wall2

It was quite an experience! I was lucky to work with the incredible human resource, Mo Palmer, one of this state’s most revered historians. Mo, Kelli and I poured through hundreds of images, scraps of paper, little bits of history in a variety of conditions ’til we felt that story come together. Mo got to work writing the text that would accompany the images and I designed the 20′ long and 5′ high collage of over 50 final photos. I optimized and gave them all a consistent sepia (brownish) tone and created floating text that would drive home the intention of philanthropy.

Kyle Zimmerman and Mo PalmerI remember one day, Kelli, Mo and I were all spread out, filling a room with photos in long lines on tables and stacks on the floor.  Mo would pick one tiny 5×5 image up and just start telling us the story. I was moved by one old black and white photo of what is now the beautiful Eye Associates Building on Martin Luther King, which was then an orphanage. The steps were piled with kids and caregivers.

Working with these historic and powerful images gave me a storytelling connection to our city. I love photography and the way it preserves our history. SO important.

If you get a chance, visit the Albuquerque Community Foundation and enjoy the history wall!

Here are some photos from the grand opening of the new building.

ACF010ACF103 ACF110 ACF109ACF107 ACF102 ACF090 ACF088ACF075 ACF063  ACF037 ACF029

ACF028 ACF022 ACF020


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